Wednesday, 29 April 2009

This is my new "Try Out" Design for a tiny Cotton Candy Cart I saw this in a full size version and thought how nice it would be as miniature.
I seem to have a relationship with Cotton Candy basically I love it and have tried so hard over the years to get the authenticity just right especially with the toning also its Pink which makes it even better this cart is just the right height for a Tiny Miniature person to push hope you like it ?


MiniKat said...

This cart is really cool!

Jill Miles said...

Thankyou so much its a new idea and I just loved making it ...xx

Jocelyn Teo said...

wow i really love this cart! what did you make the cotton candy out of!! cotton wool? I'm in awe! I love the tiny bags of cottoncandy hanging by the cart too. :)